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Classes, copyright & licensing information

You may not claim Sew Quirky patterns/designs or artwork as your own. Do not make copies of Sew Quirky patterns or allow others to use it; it is for personal and limited commercial use for one purchaser only. Anything created with Sew Quirky artwork (other than the intended use of the pattern) must only be used for personal use.

If conducted as a class in your store, each member must have purchased THEIR OWN pattern. All class descriptions MUST state the correct pattern name and acknowledge that it is a Sew Quirky Pattern.  If you wish to teach Sew Quirky Patterns at an event, show or retreat, please email for permission:

You may not claim this pattern as your own or make edits to the design for profitable gain. Please credit Sew Quirky on all handouts, descriptions, social platforms and all other media. 

You may sell items made from Sew Quirky patterns in your shop or market stall; however, they are NOT to be used for mass production. You MUST credit “Sew Quirky” in ALL item descriptions & swing tags when selling or listing items you have made using Sew Quirky patterns. Such as, “This item was made using the Sew Quirky Pattern, Frankie the Frenchie.”

Stockist of Sew Quirky Patterns and Supplies, MUST use Sew Quirky's product images and MUST NOT alter products, nor product images with additional branding, logo's or different packaging without consent from Sew Quirky. If you have any questions please email:

Thank you for valuing the time and effort that goes into creating patterns, it is a pleasure to have inspired you!

Book - Applique the sew quirky way

Published by: David and Charles, Ltd 2021

Readers are permitted to reproduce any of the designs in this book for their personal use and without the prior permission from the publisher. However, the designs in this book are copyright and must not be reproduced for resale. 

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, by photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior permission in writing from the publisher.

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