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What Shade Are You?

I was over the moon when RJR Fabrics asked me to design a quilt in their STUNNING Cotton Supreme Solids. I have loved scrolling through Instagram and viewing some absolutely amazing designs by so many talented souls.

I had a quilt I'd been dreaming of creating and working with solids was a perfect match for the project! However, before I reveal my creation for the #whatshadeareyou RJR Blog, I'd like to introduce myself to those of you that don't know me. So a big, happy HELLO, from me! I'm Mandy, designer of Sew Quirky Patterns. You can get to know me and follow along my creative journey via Instagram, Facebook and my website.

I'm extremely passionate and determined to achieve my dreams of inspiring and teaching the next generation to sew. I live and breathe creativity and I always try to entice my “non-sewing friends” to get involved! My designs are fun and colourful with a quirky vibe to inspire both the young and the young at heart.

Sharing my designs give me the opportunity to spread my love of creating with not only my local community, but the whole world. This is a perfect example of exactly that! Thank you RJR.

When I received the colour charts, I was so inspired by the bold and vibrant colours! I just couldn't stop looking at them. Choosing my fabrics from all the beauties in the RJR Cotton Supreme Solids range was a tough decision. My selection is below.

217 Hot Pink

327 Pool side

366 Toyboat

348 Neon

400 Jam Jar

410 Goldilocks

33 Optical White

406 Lucky green

424 Wisteria

371 Melody

420 Sweet pea

380 Silver screen

339 Tropicana

425 Harbor

304 Marmalade

343 Martini Olive

337 Citron

181 Rhododendron


It's been raining, so I quickly got this pic with my 1970 VW Beetle, named Teddy. Obviously he loves the motivational message in this quilt. He is all about weekend drives and positive vibes!

I designed this quilt as a positive reminder, to share your kindness with the world. To love each other and create happiness for others at every chance!

I started off by cutting lots of "sprinkles" and it was great to see all the fabrics together!

I blanket stitched around each sprinkle and added some hearts, because everything is better with an appliqued heart!

My favourite part of this quilt was the quilting process. I changed thread colours for each row and used a metallic gold thread as a feature behind the "sprinkle" row (as pictured above).

This project was perfect for practicing my free-motion quilting. I combined meander swirls, stars and hearts. I think this free-motion fill gives a fun, happy vibe to the overall quilt.

I used the colour Goldilocks to bind this quilt and I'm so happy with the contrast, especially against the pink shades.

Which colour was my favourite?? Well, it would have to be Citron. I featured it for the "confetti" text applique. I loved it so much I decided to use it as my backing fabric too.

I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with these glorious fabrics. Thank you RJR! I can't wait to hang this in my studio, inspiring not only myself to be the most kindest person I can be, but also those who visit.

Finished quilt size: 38" x 47"

Big smiles,

Mandy xoxo

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