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Have you heard of a Swamp Dog? It’s Aussie slang for our largest reptile... the saltwater crocodile. These prehistoric creatures can live up to 70 years old, growing up to 7 metres long and weighing up to a stagering 1000kg! These big salties have quite the reputation, remaining one of the deadliest predators for more than 100 million years. With around 68 sharp teeth, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of a croc. 

Charlie Swamp Dog isn’t your average croc. This croc has a kind heart and encourages croc pals to be less snappy and more happy at every chance. Pattern includes full size applique, along with 4 different outfits to dress your croc!


Finished size 7" x 8 1/2"


Hard copy pattern: includes instruction book, reversed applique paper templates and full size applique placement templates.


Please note: Bag pattern pictured is a collaboration project with Little Moo Designs. The bag is called the The Juno Drawstring Bag. Visit the Collab Projects here to learn more.

Charlie - Swamp Dog Pattern

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