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Ultra clear

High quality silicone appliqué mat

Large size: 45cm x 45cm (18in x 18in).


Buddy, this is the best appliqué mat you’ll ever use! You see, this mat provides superb ultra clear visibility for creating your appliqué, making placement a breeze!


This large mat provides loads of room and it’s completely iron safe up to 220 degrees. Slightly tacky, this mat prevents the pattern from moving underneath. The appliqué pieces grip in place on the mat too, preventing them from moving whilst fusing. Once cool, the fusible web remains ONLY on the fabric. 

Additional Information: Keep it clean babe! You can wash this beauty in warm water and a small amount of detergent. Air dry flat. before use.  Store this fabulous mat rolled in its gorgeous box! 


Directions for use: Preheat iron to medium heat, no steam. Place the paper appliqué placement template under the Sew Quirky Appliqué Mat, it will hold itself in place. Remove the paper backing from your prepared appliqué shapes and position on top of the mat with the glue side down. It will grip slightly and hold in place. WOW let’s just appreciate this crisp and clear visibility, AMAZING! Continue layering your appliqué pieces following the directions outlined in the pattern. Fuse the positioned appliqué pieces onto the mat for no longer than 5 seconds, until the entire appliqué is bonded. Be careful handling the hot mat and let it cool completely before removing your entire appliqué in one epic piece! You can now audition your fab appliqué and find the perfect background fabric. Warning: This product can get very hot after being fused with an iron. Please take care when handling the appliqué mat. Always wait for the mat to cool before touching it.

  • Color: Clear
  • Made of: Silicone
  • Size: 18in x 18in
  • Use: Applique


Watch YouTube Vid here

Sew Quirky Ultra Clear Applique Mat

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