Hayyyy Babe...

Hay Babe is a moo full of kindness and it brings me so much happiness to share this brand new pattern with you!

This sweet soul, enjoys spending time in flowery fields, surrounded by fresh air and warm rays. She lives a life free of worry and enjoys green smoothies. You could say she is udderly perfect and it’s no wonder she glistens with positivity and happiness. Featuring a fringe and a 3D floral crown, she is a stunner sure to make you smile!

The bag featured above, is a collaboration between myself and Kylie from Little Moo Designs. This mash up was taught at our Quirky Moo Retreat early March 2020 and boy oh boy we all had an AMAZING time together at the fabulous retreat venue: Stacey's at the Gap. Every single person who attended, left with a gorgeous ONE-OF-A-KIND bag, new skills and whole new group of like minded friends! It was wonderful... Check out some of their amazing versions below!

Aren't they awesome! This is just a snippet of the bags created at our first Quirky Moo Retreat. If you'd like to join in the fun, Kylie and I are having another retreat in October 2020 with a brand new exciting project! Check out the flyer below for more info.


The Hay Babe pattern includes reversed applique pieces, a